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A new year begins with some interesting news, as my entry at OFFICINE SONORE as a teacher, thanks to Giorgio Mattis, a beautiful collaboration with George Sadak, American percussionist specialist in Darbuka, and eletronic, Riqq, inserted in a stable among the musicians popular music in the Tribal / Oriental. The solid certainties of collaboration and friendship with Alfredo Romeo DRUMSET MAG and Marco Mammoliti PLANET DRUM, and news as DUALLIST pedals.

Hello everyone, finally in April will see the light  my first CD from the project with Angelica Amira ” ANDERLUNE ” entitled ANDERGO , with the collaboration of a large number of internationally renowned percussionists , Patrick Graham, George Sadak , our Carlo Marzo ,Carlo Bellotti and Andrea Piccioni.

Will be nine tracks , eight made ​​by me plus a bonus track to discover, when you go from drum’n ‘bass to rock, funk , electronic, everything always put up with sound world , especially from Oriental ! Thanks also to Officine Underground and technical Edward Pellizzari for the great work and care in recording I have to thank a lot of other great musicians who have helped me to record the parts for me quite difficult : Continue reading

Hello to everyone, it’s now available an interview with video about my vintage drumset collection:

Link on the image

Un secondo articolo sempre sul vintage su Planet drum …

Another story ever about vintage drumming on Planet drum:

Link on the image

Hello to all, 2014 will start very well, meanwhile, with the English translation of all my site, and then with news from the musical point of view: three cd will come out soon, with the first ANDERLUNE, titled ANDERGO! made together with DJ Max Marotto and my faithful friend and dancer Amira Angelica, the second with my new project “THE VENICE ORIENTAL eNSEMBLE” little orchestra variable, created with Maki Massimo Parolin, great player of Arabic instruments, the Qanun to ‘oud, nay etc etc … Finally, last but not least, the first CD with ATREIO Andrea Marcucci,  stick bass … let’s funky … very soon more news on endorsement, shows, and other events. .. follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mauro-Gatto-Groovin-page….. Talk to you soon!! PS: I leave you with a little video of my new kit Manhattan by Peace!



Hello to everyone, after a long time, i want to add some  pictures of my nwe set up for my project ANDERLUNE , with the dancer Angelica Amira…

Hello everyone, I place the posters of two beautiful events in Lazio where I will be attending with my new project “ANDERLUNE” with Angelica Bressanin “Amira” ….




After quite a bit of time, return to write something. Fortunately the time to manage all , i do not find it forever, but I do my best. New projects on the horizon: a show with Angelica Amira on tribal / belly dance and fusion, with all the music written and played by me, a formidable trio drums / sax / bass clarinet withAlessandro Leo and the Neva Pasin, a space for jazz standard with piano and voice, with Elia Pizzolitto and Ludovica Bolzonello, and new releases for consolidated Manodopera and Barbapedana …. maybe I really do not have much time to write in the future …. Hello and a hug to everyone. Mauro

Angelica Amira and Mauro gatto video

 Alessandro Leo and me….Hellenic suite

… and this year we got to the largest exhibition in Europe, and not only, from  10th -13th  of April will be able to see, feel, hear the best productions from all over the musical world. I will be present at various stands. Vi aspetto / will wait for you….

PEACE DRUMS Booth 3.0 A53      DREAM CYMBALS Booth3.0 C50  ATTACK DRUMHEADS Booth 3.0 C54


Ciao a tutti,  il 2013 inizierà alla grande con tre date insieme ad Andrea Atreio Marcucci, grandissimo esploratore del mondo del bass stick.

Ecco le tre date in zone Treviso :




Proporremo classici del funk e del jazz, con inserti di brani di nostra composizione , assolutamente in duo , e senza aiuto di nulla, se non dei nostri strumenti !! Veniteci a trovare , vi aspettiamo !!!!