Original work, full of electricity, stand ready to emerge from the jazz scene. The debut album of Wharthey not betray all the references of distinctly American Nu-Jazz current: Medesky, Martin & Wood, Charlie Hunter, Stanton Moore and John Scofield assimilated and metabolized in a personal four Italian musicians.
The song form, although it is an instrumental quartet, triumphs and makes intuitive and immediate listening; the physicality of groove funk dissected from the chair even the laziest among listeners. Careful analysis will then show that the whole is structured on articulated rhythmic cells and that the compositional techniques used ranging from a modal approach to the pure atonality.
The stylistic peculiarities of each musician amalgamate in a magical balance. Marino de Angeli is artistic producer and guitarist from the avant-garde sounds and phrasing never granted, Lorenzo Nizzolini keyboards is always ready to color of vintage patina even the most futuristic synthesizer, bass player Stefano Andreatta uses the imposing tone of precision bass string smooth to range from motown roundness to the most extreme distortions and Mauro Cat gives us the expressive beauty of the battery from the sound open and airy and never relegated to conventional styles.
“Striken the fries that’s a Vos”: the perfect medicine to leave you with a smile and make you start your day full of groove!