Monthly Archives: January 2014

Hello to all, 2014 will start very well, meanwhile, with the English translation of all my site, and then with news from the musical point of view: three cd will come out soon, with the first ANDERLUNE, titled ANDERGO! made together with DJ Max Marotto and my faithful friend and dancer Amira Angelica, the second with my new project “THE VENICE ORIENTAL eNSEMBLE” little orchestra variable, created with Maki Massimo Parolin, great player of Arabic instruments, the Qanun to ‘oud, nay etc etc … Finally, last but not least, the first CD with ATREIO Andrea Marcucci,  stick bass … let’s funky … very soon more news on endorsement, shows, and other events. .. follow me on:….. Talk to you soon!! PS: I leave you with a little video of my new kit Manhattan by Peace!