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Good morning to all my friends. In this period, the ‘summer brings around a lot of people doing more or less craft the musician. Everything would be wonderful, would concerts everywhere, no matter whether with cover or their original tracks, but there would be no life and want to leave.

Then unfortunately, the reality is different: festivals now shrunken and weary, resist the most fortunate and the most ” commercials ” , without aid municipalities and provinces, and a lot of money wasted in so many other things more or less useful.

And in the midst of all this, we find ourselves, especially professionals, to square our income, yes, because we’d only do art, but we also have bills to pay and a lot of taxes …

But I would not change my job for anything in the world …..

A hug to all and see you soon


PS: my new playground ….


Finally coming out for Montrecords2015, the first CD of the series Pan di Terre, where all the melodic parts are being handled by the new instruments in terracotta made by Terre di Lia, very similar to the hang drums, but in fact the category of lithophones. The new work is divided into nine tracks, for a duration of about 25 minutes. They are all small improvisations, prompting various rhythmic and melodic styles. He can be found at this link:

copertina cd web front

I waNt to thanks Max Marotto per il Mastering , Zabelelia , Wambooka, Ideas for Drummer e Gon Bops



Hey guys, this very hot summer bring to me some new toys…let me show you..see you soon!!!
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Summer is coming and, as always, this is a time that will give greater impetus to the activities live and new collaborations. I wanted to tell the first with TA ITALAKIA, Greek music ensemble, in which I will play my new Wambooka, then the first CD of SPANATORKESTRA, with songs reviewed and corrected in our own way. Other things are on the horizon …… See you soon !!!



For six days, I had the pleasure to follow the masterclass , and play live with this great percussionist, specializing in tribal and oriental music, from Milan to Montebelluna, to Viareggio and Rome. A Big thank you to all those who hosted us, Valentina Bulzi and Minette del Treppo and all the participants. A big thank you to Mattorosso for giving space to a spectacle of dance and music in Italy is not quite so common. There remain many beautiful emotions of a journey made together with my “partner” ANGELICA Bressanin, with whom I share the project ANDERLUNE, the unorthodox lessons oriental music made ​​by car, the ease of teaching of this man, who manages to make simple one tool such as the darbuka also to those who have not ever played. Thank you again and we hope that there is another “George Sadak Italian tour” as soon as …



A new year begins with some interesting news, as my entry at OFFICINE SONORE as a teacher, thanks to Giorgio Mattis, a beautiful collaboration with George Sadak, American percussionist specialist in Darbuka, and eletronic, Riqq, inserted in a stable among the musicians popular music in the Tribal / Oriental. The solid certainties of collaboration and friendship with Alfredo Romeo DRUMSET MAG and Marco Mammoliti PLANET DRUM, and news as DUALLIST pedals.

Hello everyone, finally in April will see the light  my first CD from the project with Angelica Amira ” ANDERLUNE ” entitled ANDERGO , with the collaboration of a large number of internationally renowned percussionists , Patrick Graham, George Sadak , our Carlo Marzo ,Carlo Bellotti and Andrea Piccioni.

Will be nine tracks , eight made ​​by me plus a bonus track to discover, when you go from drum’n ‘bass to rock, funk , electronic, everything always put up with sound world , especially from Oriental ! Thanks also to Officine Underground and technical Edward Pellizzari for the great work and care in recording I have to thank a lot of other great musicians who have helped me to record the parts for me quite difficult : Continue reading